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Directory: Main / TransNET / utilities

** TransNET Configuration Utility The TransNET Configuration Utility can be used to modify and query radio parameters via a serial port connection to the RJ-11 diagnostic connector on the TransNET radio. This utility can also be used to upgrade TransNET firmware. TransNET Config 2.3.3 - a ZIP compressed file which will install the MDS TransNET Configuration Utility (version 2.3.3). NOTE: The TransNET Configuration Utility is now contained within the MDS ToolBox collection. ** TransNET Spectrum Analyzer The TransNET Spectrum Analyzer allows you to survey the radio spectrum around the installation site of a MDS TransNET 900 radio. This can be used to diagnose and correct potential installation or operating problems. TransNET Spectrum Analyzer - a ZIP compressed file which will install the GE MDS TransNET Spectrum Analyzer. The current released version is v1.0.0.

File NameSize
TransNET Spectrum Analyzer [16.4M]