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Digital Energy PowerOn Restore Outage Management Systems

GE's PowerOn Restore Outage Management System (OMS) is a solution that provides dispatchers and system operators with exceptional workflow capability and a user-friendly interface. PowerOn Restore and its associated applications are configurable and can support outage management process and procedures. With this support, operational efficiencies and communications are improved, thereby helping to reduce dispatching bottlenecks that can occur during high-volume outage conditions. When implementing the PowerOn Restore OMS product suite, your enterprise can distribute emergency, planned and follow-up work in a manner that streamlines the dispatching of work orders. Significant benefits have been documented where these tools have helped GE's customers reduce the time necessary to manage and restore customers during large storms by several hours, resulting in crew and vehicle savings of over several millions of dollars.

Technology improvements include:

New .NET User Interface Architecture and major enhancements in user interaction

Support for Smallworld Core Spatial Technology

Support for Smallworld Internet Application Server

Support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Oracle 11g and Citrix 4.5

Additional OMS operational tools are provided such as:

Support for dynamic phasing network operations. PowerOn Restore provides advanced tools that support the dynamic changing of conductor phases during restoration activities.

Storm management enhancements to support the automatic routing and management of hazardous field conditions to emergency crews.

Advanced circuit finder and SCADA interface controls.

PowerOn Restore provides AMI and GE Asset Management interoperability tools such as:

Modules to support the integration of AMI meter events with PowerOn Restore. PowerOn Restore now accepts meter message to initiate new outages and restore existing outages, including the ability for operators to determine meter status directly from PowerOn Restore.

Modules that integrate PowerOn Restore with Smallworld Electric Office and Smallworld Design Manager provide the link between engineering and operations to manage circuit changes initiated in Smallworld Electric Office by PowerOn Restore users.

PowerOn Restore supports Electric Office Global Network Model, and includes OMS/DMS Interoperability tools for PowerOn Restore and PowerOn Control DMS.


  • A fully functional commercial "off-the-shelf" OMS software product that can be easily integrated and can complement any existing software systems currently in, including Customer Information System (CIS), IVR and AMI applications.
  • Proven "in-production" OMS software that meets the functionality, scalability, security, and reliability needs for a 24x7 mission critical system during high volume "storm" conditions.
  • Best in class graphical outage visualization tools.
  • Powerful web-based tools for incident notification, communication and reporting.
  • Web-based tools for improved communication to customers and external agencies, including real-time data such as specific customer status, Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR), and customer call-backs.
  • Full integration with AMI for confirmed outage indicators via the last gasp meter output.
  • Reliability improvements with documented audit trail of customer interruption detail.
  • Migration tools that minimize the effort required to upgrade for future capabilities.
  • Improved reporting and auditing tools for the business. Operational and historical reporting, auditing, and analysis available at all approved levels in the organization.


PowerOn Restore delivers significant benefits to the outage management and service restoration process by improving dispatcher efficiency and reducing restoration cost. The outage management applications are fully integrated with Smallworld Electric Office and Design Manager, providing easy access to data that documents the existing network model, allowing accurate device predictions.

    Reduced restoration costs:
  • Intuitive tools to detect, confirm and dispatch outages
  • Flexible and automated configuration to support decentralized dispatch for large outage scenarios
    Improved service levels to customers:
  • Quick and efficient detection, response and restoration of customer outages
  • Accurate calculation and reporting for industry standard reliability indices
    Superior scalability and performance:
  • Supports large outages with high volume outage call throughput
  • Supports hundreds of concurrent users without performance degradation
  • Reduced implementation effort and risk