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Electric vehicle charging from GE
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Built-in support for two-way communication between the utility and charging station

Level 2 capability for faster charging times compared to standard plug-in charging

Beautiful, modular design ready to support the latest emerging technologies

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Explore the fuel cost savings, CO2 emissions savings & the energy used by Electric Vehicles.


GE is working with Project Get Ready to help build the power system infrastructure for electric vehicles.
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What would be the impact if we all changed
from a gas-powered engine to a hybrid or
electric engine?
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GE's WattStation for retail and other commercial locations will be available for purchase in the U.S. later this year.
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The residential WattStation's easy functionality and design allows for uncomplicated integration of fast level 2 electric vehicle charging into your everyday activities. GE has partnered with ServiceMagic, the nation's leading website connecting consumers with prescreened, customer-rated service professionals, to provide a network of certified electricians for reliable installation of the electric vehicle charger in the home. GE Capital, working with ServiceMagic, will provide financing options, enabling consumers to pay for the charger and installation costs over time.


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