Digital Energy
Pioneering key advancements for the past 100 years, GE delivers protection, control, power and communication applications across the power system.
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Smart Metering
GE's meters and smart meters deliver real-time instrumentation, built-in communications, dynamic pricing, power quality monitoring and access to critical power usage data.
ANSI® Smart Meters
IEC® Smart Meters
MeterMate™ Software
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Industrial Communications
Our MDS™ and Lentronics™ lines of communication devices deliver networking solutions hardened to withstand harsh environments.

Wireless Devices
Data Multiplexers
Ethernet Switches & Routers
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Solutions as a Service
Integrated hardware and software packages for an accelerated, low risk, and low up-front cost Smart Grid deployment.
Advanced Analytics
Grid IQ Insight, a Predictivity™ solution, allows customers to visualize, analyze, and optimize their data to provide a unified, real-time view of their operations.
Substation Automation
GE's solutions feature integrated acquisition and management of non- operational data, alongside unsurpassed engineering and design knowledge.
Substation Projects
Remote Terminal Units
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Protection & Controls
The Multilin™ line of power system protection and management
solutions ensure dependable and safe power worldwide.

Protection Relays
Automation Controllers
Power Quality Meters
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Monitoring & Diagnostics
GE's solutions enable customers to optimize equipment, avoid unplanned outages and failures, and minimize costs.
Composite Gas Monitor
Remote Monitor & Diagnostics
Multi-Gas Monitor
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HV/MV Equipment
Our comprehensive portfolio of HV/ MV equipment solutions enable utilities to increase power system reliability and grid resiliency
Power, Distribution, and Network Transformers
HV and LV Capacitors, and Harmonic Filters
Voltage Regulators
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Power Delivery Projects
Our grid and asset management suite, distribution infrastructure solutions, and substation management tools enable system reliability.
Flexible AC Transmission Systems
Industrial Solutions
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Utility Operation Systems
GE offers software tools that enable operators to identify troubled assets and restore power faster when unforeseen problems cause outages.
Energy Management Systems
Distribution Management Systems
Outage Management Systems
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Geospatial Systems
GE's solutions enable critical network assets with Geospatial Information Systems, mobile workforce applications, and communications management.
Geospatial Information Systems
Mobile Workforce Applications
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Power Sensing
Offering customization, support and services, the ITI™ line of Power Sensing products deliver the right solution.
Current Transformers
Voltage Transformers
Test & Control Switches
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Value Added Services
The Digital Energy team provides a wide range of value added services to deliver first class solutions serving our customers from inception through to delivery and beyond
Support and Services
Engineered Projects
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