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i210plusC Smart Grid enabled consumer friendly metering
Digital Energy i210plusC Smart Grid enabled consumer friendly metering

GE’s most advanced residential electricity metering product line, the I-210+c, delivers smart grid capability for today and the future. This residential meter was derived from our commercial and industrial product line, taking our advanced metrology capability learned over 10 years of solid state metering design. This meter contains the advanced polyphase functionality that GE has been known for.

Designed for today’s dynamic rate structures, the I-210+c provides the capability for demand, load profile, and TOU recording, along with a number of other power quality and demand response related functions. Configurable to support various metering quantities, this meter supports delivered (+), received (-), as well as net metering for distributed generation.

Typically measured at +/- 0.2%, the GE I-210 family of meters provides best-in-class capability for accuracy. Combined with the low starting watts, the utility can have confidence in the metered value and measured electricity usage.

Advanced Functionality
With the addition of the fully rated 200 amp service switch, this meter is capable of pre-payment metering without the historical cost associated with card readers or other legacy pre-payment technology. Load limiting and emergency conservation modes also set this meter apart when working in conjunction with a demand response program. Having the capability to be remotely configured, as well as being firmware upgradeable, this product serves today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s evolving requirements.

Specifically designed to accommodate the communications technology required to support the smart grid, the I-210+c has the same electrical and mechanical interface as our I-210+ platform, therefore making communications interchangeable and interoperable between these two residential metering platforms. Designed with an enhanced power supply, the platform is ideally optimized for RF Mesh, PLC, and 3G/4G point-to-point communication technologies.